About Me and my blog

So this the place where I am supposed to speak about my self and my blog. I guess this is a page that I will have to update quite a few times as time passes by.

This blog is mainly an idea coming though my mind as I was sitting alone in my living room thinking on what I wish to find in my life. I am into BDSM for almost 20 years now therefore the only reason I am still single is that vanilla women were not enough to provide me with all I need and desire. I have to be honest and admit that love found me quite a few times. I can say that at least twice I’ve been loved, truly loved by my girlfriends but again, they were only girlfriends. Little they know when I said we can’t be together as you can’t be what I need you to be.

You might be wondering why on earth I chose to hide from them the fact that I am into BDSM. Simply because where I come from the lifestyle is considered sick and twisted. I am European and I live in a small European country in which many things better keep them hidden from the public or even your friends and family.

In fact I tend to enjoy this as I feel it makes everything more spicy. Imagine be with your friends for a drink. Your submissive is near you and she is there waiting for a sign to do something for you. We both have to wait till we get back home to play as we wish. I feel the desire burning in my soul and heart when I am free at last to place her the collar and walk her to the bedroom or anywhere else I want. Don’t you agree?

As you can easily understand English are not my native therefore you may expect to find quite a few mistakes and typos. I’ll try my best not to hurt your eyes.

Now this blog is a very simple idea. It is the mirror of the dark corner of my thoughts and desires. It is the place where I will share my BDSM desires, my likes and dislikes. Through this blog I hope to find the one and only submissive I need to find in my life. Yes I know, it might sounds crazy but again it costs nothing to give a try. For me it doesn’t matter where she will be from, her language or her age. Only one thing matters to me. To be the one who can understand me, love me and bring joy in my life same as I want to do for her.

Feel free to contact me if you find interesting this blog and my thoughts.


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A Dom seeking a submissive